Talk the Talk, ten things golfers say!

Golf talk! Golf expressions you need to know, if you want to sound like a golfer! Talk the talk, and like anything else in life, if you can talk a good game - you're halfway there! If you're new to the game of golf we have listed some of the more pertinent golf terms you should know. These are expressions that most golfers use when they play or come back to the 19th hole to talk about it!

Following are some golf terms to help you "talk the talk"! First are the newer terms that are being used
It's coming over the top - You have just made a mistake when you swung!

It's a flyer - you just hit the ball too far because of the way it was lying in the rough!

It's a three-jack - you have just putted three times!

Drain a snake - you have just holed an impossible putt that curved all over the green!

Halve - You've just tied the score in match play!

Smothered - you have just hit a low flying ball, that has disappeared into the rough!

Pure - you are so perfect!

Frog Hair - The grass at the edge of the green that is slightly higher than the grass on the putting surface.

Tearing it up - Man you are on a roll and playing great!

Take a Mulligan - you wish!

A chance to give it your best shot a second time.

These are the old standard terms, golf speak that everyone needs to understand when they play the game!

hole in one

playing for fun!

Approach Shot
a short or medium shot played to the putting green or pin

Attend the flag
hold and then remove the flag while another player putts. (don't let his ball hit the flag)

Back tees
usually the championship tees, makes for the longest course

Best ball
best score on a hole by two or more partners in a best-ball match.

one stroke under par on a hole

one stroke over par on a hole.


describes the curve on the putting green. Maybe you can figure out which way the ball will go.


what they used to call sand traps.

guy who hefts your club around the course.

hopefully a short lofted shot onto the green.

Course Rating
USGA fills you in on how hard the course is by handicap or slope compared to another course.

Female Professional Golfer


The piece of grass you just lifted with your golf club and that you need to put back and step on so next guy's ball doesn't get stuck in that hole!

Dog leg
left or right curve or turn on fairway.

two under par on a hole.

What you yell when your ball was hit, and it looks like you're going to hit someone..

short putt very close to the hole, sometimes your opponents won't make you drop it in. 

the beautiful short green grass surrounding the little hole you putt you ball into.

Greens fee
what it costs to play the golf course. 

top of golf club, covered in leather where you grip the club.

Gross score
the high score before you deduct your handicap.

what holds you back from being a "pro". The number of strokes allowed to be deducted from score, 
based on your past games.

lakes, bunkers, fences, or anything that makes your ball hard to get to.

that little 4 x 4 x4 opening that's up on the green waiting!

Hole in one
everybody's dream shot! getting your ball into the above little hole with just one shot!

golf shot that flies off to the left (the dread of many golfers).

what you learn to do after you take up the game of golf - no seriously it's the position of your ball after your shot.

golf course with holes strung out in a line rather than side by side. Based on Scottish courses that stretch out along the ocean.

metal rim that surrounds the cup that makes up the hole on the green.

usually a dime to mark position of your golf ball on the green, ball is then removed so someone else can putt.

gambling on the golf course! Betting on the front nine, the back nine and the whole 18. 

Short for Out of Bounds. You'll know it when you get there.

the number of strokes it's supposed to take to get the ball in the hole! 

Penalty stroke
additional stroke added to a player's score when you break the rules (it pays to know those rules!)

nickname for the flagstick

pitch shot - a little half swing to get your ball on the green (longer than a chip shot). We have known players who have picked up their ball and actually pitched it onto the green - very baaad!

Play through
what you like to do when you get stuck behind a very slow foursome.

the ball that's is under that lip on the bunker you just go into.

you know these guys, they get paid for doing what you try to do, sometimes they teach as well.

usually the shortest club in your bag (unless it's a belly putter, then it's the longest) and always the most feared.

area of golf course that has dead leaves, tall grass and other stuff to hide your ball.

The ball flies off to the side - a lateral shot. Worst shot to make unless you consider it missing it entirely.

Opposite of "hook". Usually beginners to this, the ball goes totally right instead of straight.

the little wooded item you pick up out of bowls in the pro shop. It's to stick in the ground and raise your ball higher to give you an edge when teeing off!

You have just missed your ball completely and almost screwed yourself into the ground!

Worm Burner, you have just hit the ball and it burns up the fairway, just scooting along

you've just hit your ball so hard that the air whooshes from the impact.

nerves, because you have missed all those little short putts!

If you have any you would like to ad - send them in. We'll publish them

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